Dr. Regan

Dr. Regan is a board certified Family Medicine physician with 20 years of experience caring for patients throughout the lifespan. She graduated from Brown University’s Family medicine residency program in 2000 where she was the chief resident. She spent the first 5 years in private practice in Narragansett, RI and the next 15 years in private practice in Middletown, RI. She is an adjunct professor at Warren Alpert’s Brown University Medical school and has cherished teaching Brown Medical Students for 15 years. Currently she is teaching a group of first year medical students the art of interviewing and physical exam.

After 20 years of working in the fee for service model of primary care, she increasingly experienced less and less quality time with her patients. She believes that thorough and proper diagnosis requires time, trust and active listening, all of which were being eroded by shorter visits, longer wait times, surprise bills and less access to her when her patients needed her most. The DPC model will now allow her and her patients to spend more quality time together at each visit, to provide transparent billing without any surprises, to respect patients time with on time visits as well as to provide care to her patients when they need her. The DPC model will also allow Dr. Regan to personally coordinate care with specialists and allied health professionals which will be a true team approach to foster better health. Her schedule will be flexible and accommodating for her patients which will reduce or eliminate the need for urgent or emergency room care. She believes access to your own physician when a health issue arises is not only good medicine but optimal medicine. She knows relationship and connection matter when making an accurate diagnosis and creating an individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Regan has been a resident of Jamestown for 23 years and enjoys paddle boarding, cooking, reading, boating and tennis as well as spending time skiing and snowshoeing with her husband, Dan, and their three teenage sons, Aidan, Ben and Christian.

Dr. Regan believes that relationship is the cornerstone of exceptional primary care and a relationship can only be fostered with time, mutual respect and listening. She is excited to share her new practice model with her patients and practice the art and science of medicine the way it use to be with her PATIENT’s needs at the center not the insurance companies.

Office Manager

Karyn Chiffer

Karyn Chiffer is a Certified Medical Assistant working with Dr. Regan since graduating 13 years ago from her program. Karyn’s ability to actively listen while being conscientious and empathetic are a great extension of Dr. Regan’s mission to be present for her patients. She has worked with Dr. Regan since graduation from her program in 2008.

What is

Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a Family Medicine model of practice where Dr. Regan is there for YOU. Dr. Regan works directly for YOU not your insurance company. An affordable monthly membership fee paid DIRECTLY to Dr. Regan covers all primary care services in her office. This transparency of fees eliminates copays, deductibles and surprise bills for services not covered by insurance. All services provided by Dr. Regan in Dr. Regan’s office are covered in your monthly fee. See a list of services covered.

What are the benefits of

being a patient in a DPC practice?

The Direct Primary care (DPC) model allows YOU to be apart of a much smaller practice. Most physicians care for 2000 patients while the typical DPC practice cares for 300-500 patients. These smaller practices have many benefits for patients to include…

  • 30-60 minute extended office visits instead of the average 12 minute office visit in a fee for service practice. More time with YOUR physician allows more focus and discussion on prevention, lifestyle modifications, screenings and wellness. Longer visits also allow YOUR physician to address all of the issues that concern you. All of this builds trust and connection which improves your relationship with your physician.
  • Same or next business day appointments which allows YOU to see your physician when you need them most….when you are not feeling well. Having more timely access to YOUR physician reduces or eliminates the need for costly urgent care of emergency room visits. PLUS you will always see YOUR physician, Dr Regan
  • DIRECT and improved access to your physician through email, texting and her cell phone number. After hours emergencies will be answered by YOUR physician only.
  • Same or next business day Telemedicine services for your convenience without any additional fees. Telemedicine visits can also be arranged after hours should an urgent need arise and will always be with YOUR physician, Dr Regan.
  • Minimal to no wait time in the office Home visits as discussed with Dr Regan at no additional charge.
  • Home visits for newborns in the first month of life reduce exposure to infections during this vulnerable time in your newborn’s life
  • YOUR physician personally calling you to report lab or X-ray results in a timely manner
  • Fosters a true team approach with Dr Regan being able to connect with your specialists to coordinate your care

Menu of

Services Offered in Dr. Regan’s Office

  • Newborn care with home visits by Dr. Regan in the first month of life
  • Well Child care to include immunizations
  • Camp, school, and pre-op evaluations
  • Annual Medicare wellness visits
  • Geriatric primary care
  • Annual physical
  • Well woman care to include cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, and menopausal support (pap smear evaluation is not covered)
  • Chronic disease management such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma
  • Family planning
  • Breast feeding support
  • EKG
  • Nebulizer treatments for wheezing
  • Knee/hip and wrist joint injections
  • Acute care with same or next business day appointments
  • Laceration repair to include derma bond
  • Fracture diagnosis and splinting
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses
  • Sebaceous cyst removal
  • Ingrown toenail removal
  • Ear wax removal
  • Biopsy and/or excision of minor skin lesions (lab fee for pathology evaluation is not covered)
  • Coordination of care with specialists or other allied health professionals
  • Home visits arranged between you and Dr. Regan
  • In office laboratory to include: urinalysis, urine pregnancy tests, strep, influenza, COVID tests